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By learning how to make a budget a correctly you will be able to SKY ROCKET your Net Worth

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Understanding When and Where to INVEST your money is important. It's way simpler than you might think

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By focusing on the right strategies based on your Side Hustles platform, you make more money with less effort and time

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Making a Budget is easy... Sticking to it is Another Story:

Strategies to Grow Your Net Worth with small changes

And Step by Step instructions of when and where Invest

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Financial Podcast (but not like the other boring ones)

If I were to give one piece of advice It would be this:


You want to know "how to become a millionaire" and get out of the middle class rat race, you need to stop sitting on the sidelines and get in the game. 

I've had over 7 business start ups...only 3 of them have been successful. Yes... I have failed more times than I have succeeded




I wanted to be wealthy ever since I was a teenager and I thought that I had to start a business and sell it for millions to be financially free.


I was so wrong it's not even funny.


And to be honest thats one of the big reasons why four of my business ventures failed. I focused on literally all the wrong things BUT I learned more than most people will in their life when it comes to making money, investing, and selling.


By backing up and looking at what it actually takes to become a millionaire I realized it just takes a very disciplined systematic approach.


You know what it also takes.... it takes time.


Every single FB ad is trying to sell you that one opportunity that will work for the Michael Jordans of the world. For most of us that will not be our path. The good news is though.. there is a path for folks like me and you. 

Its how I've grown a 250,000 Net Worth in 3 years with no Michael Jordan story to my name.

The entire reason I created this "how to make a budget system" was to abandon this Michael Jordan story theory and and to prove that anyone can learn how to become a millionaire.

Catie Ewy

Very practical advice

Have you ever thought about trying to budget and then get super overwhelmed and stressed out so you just end up spending your money on eating out or end up going on a Target binge?

Yeah me too. 


This podcast really helped me hear practical ways to start managing my money well and setting goals so that I’m not super stressed about my budget. I finally have a better understanding on where all my money is going!

Step 1: Learn How to Make a Budget

Ive helped 100's of people make a budget and there is one thing that is always in common. What is put on paper is never how much is actually spent every month. So we spear head that by giving you a prioritized budget with formulas FOR FREE. Then we give you the best free tools to track your spending, saving, and investing.

Step 2: Have the right tools and systems in place

One of the biggest things we see missed is people having the right tools. This step is more about making sure you are set up for long term success. If we have the right tools than we can have long term success. So we give you the best credit cards of 2020, the best pre paid spending cards, and so much more. All these tools are FREE! 

Step 3: Make more money with your side hustle

By taking on a side hustle you accomplish multiple things. You relieve some temporary financial stress. You also accelerate the path to becoming a millionaire and retiring early. I have used about every tool out there when it comes to side hustles and Im going to tell step by step how to make more money with those tools for FREE. 

Lastly... I really am glad you visited. I truly want to help everyone that visits.

And Above All Its my personal Mission to see you succeed

As long as your willing to follow the process, I promise I can and will help you get there!

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