Statistics would say we should be divorced... but there are not enough numbers in the world that can measure the fight inside of the two of us nor can it measure the grace we have received.


I (Tyler) met Becca (the hottie pictured above) on a mission trip in Lakota South Dakota of all my places, and if you think that's a little weird than buckle up.

I was on a journey to find myself after getting a DWI just months prior while in college. I didn't know what to do with my life but I thought a mission trip couldn't hurt.


So I picked the first mission trip available from my church that I grew up in. 

Little did I know that I would meet this hottie. First Picture of us

Fast Forward 3 months: 2012

Now usually this is the part of the story where​ people talk about long engagements and planning a wedding.

Well good news for you, that boring part of the story doesn't exist because...we met in December and were


engaged by March


and Married In July.

Now before you judge my quick decision making I have to tell you "how I knew" she was the one so quickly. 

Two or Three weeks after we first met I decided to give her a call and chat as we had done a couple of times since we met on this mission trip. Only this time she was busy, lots of laughing, heavy breathing, and weird noises.

I remember asking "what the heck are you doing" and without skipping a beat she says



And just like that, I knew she was the one. 

July 2012-2014

7 Months later after the (mini ass) was bought we got married in Mexico with just 11 people at our wedding. And yes it was way cheaper than all you crazies who spend way too much on their wedding, but hey that's none of my business, I'm just here to help you pay the debt off after the fact. 

We moved into a little tiny apartment in a rough part of Springfield MO. I wouldn't say I was friends with the swat team but let's just say I said "Hi" to them regularly. 

Becca was finishing her senior at SBU in Bolivar and I needed something to keep me busy and pay off debt. 50k of it to be exact. That's when I found Amazon and all its goodness. 

In 12 months' time I had paid all 50k in debt by buying toys, books, electronics, and anything I could get my hands on to resell on Amazon. How to Link here.

Not to mention Becca had me on a budget that most people would relate to the great depression. We each had $25 dollars a month to spend. That $25 had to cover ANYTHING I wanted to buy, and I mean anything besides food, water, gas, and cell phone. 

I think it's safe to say we had Humble Beginnings.  

Here is how we spent every saturday morning for a year.


Garage sales and finds like this taz hat.


BIG Island  With a Big Mess

Yes, I'm talking about the Big Island of Hawaii. 

It's one of the most beautiful places in the world and the people aren't so bad either. We had the opportunity to help a dying church come back to life again. We had just become completely debt-free with no kids or real careers. 

So we did it. 

And Even though it ended messier than a hoarders house on HGTV, I would do it all over again every single time. I met some of the best people I will ever meet in my life in those two years. I learned more about being selfless and giving to others from the locals Hawaiians than I ever had from the church. 

The Big Island of Hawaii moves at a different pace than the rest of the world, to be honest, it's a pace that I miss. I miss my friends more than they probably think. I had a lot of guilt and shame for coming back to the mainland. Everyone tells me I shouldn't, but I do. I felt like I failed, I felt like I let my friends down, and just to be honest I was just flat out sad. 

But before it got sad it was happy.  The first year in Hawaii was by far the best year of my life. Becca and I were in one of the most beautiful places in the world without a care in the world.  

The first year was filled we new friends, new jobs, and even new hobbies like Crossfit. Every night we did something with our local friends, every weekend was the beach or some hike that was straight out of National Geographic. We were on top of the world..... Like literally... below are my pictures of my two favorite hikes. We did these monthly and it always offered one of the most mesmerizing views from the peak.


Waimanu Valley



Hawaii is where I first learned to detail cars. I would only charge $50 a car for a FULL DETAIL. 

Meanwhile Becca was learning Real Estate. With a rough first year she started to find her groove the second year!

So What happened ?

Well, let's give you the short version.

Some of the leadership made some poor marriage decisions and things were dissolving faster than a cheap bath bomb from dollar general. 

And rather than address issues head-on, the sending church ( the church that we came from in Missouri) decided to sweep things under the rug. 

Instead of doing the hard, right thing, they decided to ask us to come home and not tell anyone why.


That was probably the hardest thing of all was not being able to explain to my best friends the TRUE reason I was leaving. If I were to go back and do things over, I would do it differently. I still would have left but I would have done it on my terms. I would have told the truth when people asked. 

So When people ask about Hawaii...It's bittersweet and I'll leave it at that. 


Back to Springfield MO with one extra Green

So off we went back to Springfield with a new addition to our own Ohana. Lincoln Nakoa Green gave us something to smile about and look forward to as we made a huge transition once again. 

This was the first time we actually ever had to deal with finances and make a budget. 

Even though we had become debt-free we had never invested a dollar nor made a budget.

We have not always been financially aggressive or wise but we were always frugal. We found out the hard way that being frugal with money is only about 1/10 of the equation of how to become a millionaire. 

When we got back were lucky enough to purchase our first house but not without using all 25k of our savings for a down payment. You see Becca had no credit and I actually had low credit. You can read about why in this blog post here. 

The only loan we could get was a private bank loan with a high-interest rate and 20% down. The house was only worth 119k but after closing costs, we had to bring 25k cash to the closing table!


This was the first time that I was kind of like "oh I should probably learn a little about money." So slowly we started to dive into actually making a budget, investing, building credit, investing in real estate, starting multiple businesses, and learning along the way. 

Somewhere along the way, it became a passion to help others but before we fast forward to now we have a couple more big milestones to cross. 


As I sit here typing this, I have re-written this about 30 times. No matter how I phrase this part it stings to write and I don't know who will end up reading it. This story we have only shared with a handful of people. 


But it's part of our story...

Within the first year of moving back to Springfield, we were both in bad shape when it came to mental health and self-care. We were both coping in our way about leaving Hawaii. We had never faced such a big thing that we were told to suppress, it resulted in a category 5 hurricane roughly a year later.

I was running a successful auto detail business and drinking excessively to numb my pain while my wife was staying home with Lincoln. 

Meanwhile little did I know that my wife was desperately needing me to lead our family and connect with her emotionally. She had just moved halfway across the world, had a newborn, lost all her friends, and quit her job and all I wanted to do was focus on my business and drink away my pain. 

As you can imagine 10 months of this behavior can lead to many unhealthy habits. 


We were disconnected emotionally, broken, scared, and to be honest, completely lost. 

Completely lost we tried to put ourselves back together ourselves. I think that made things worse.

So off to counseling we went...That didn't go so well the first time either.

Meanwhile, here is what our social media looked like. I show you this picture so that maybe you will realize many people are having battles that you will never see. 



So we decided we were staying together and would make things work regardless of how hard it was at times.


One of the ways we bonded and reconnected was our first House flip Project. At this point, Rebecca was back in real estate (crushing it by the way) and pregnant with our second little Green kid whom you will meet below. 

She came across a house that needed some work, so we rolled up our sleeves and took on our first flip not knowing anything about construction but a lot about the market. 

Here's how it turned out. 











While the house flip is going well, there were many other great things happening at the same time.  Our Marriage was getting stronger again along with some other mentionable items. But within just a year the following also happened.

  1. We Had Baby Georgia!

  2. I Sold My Auto Detail Business

  3. Becca handled over 140 real estate transactions. Most of this while she was pregnant!

  4. I started my B2B sales career and won a national sales award.

  5. We kept our first house and rented it out for double the mortgage cost.

It's safe to say we were trying to keep busy while we sorted through some things. 


Kansas City, MO

Heres Georgia and Her PAPA

While things were going great finally in Springfield we just had too many scars to stay around our past shortcomings. And in order to keep our marriage going in the right direction, we decided to take an opportunity in Kansas City, MO. 

So once again, we packed everything up, sold most things, and just like that we were off to KC to see what was ahead. 


When we moved it allowed we decided to sell our rental house and our flip at the same time. That gave us tons of cash for a 27 and 25-year-old. This next move is one of the biggest contributors to our financial journey.

We decided to invest all our excess cash to the tune of 75k between Multi-Family real estate and the market.  And we also left enough out to put 20% down on our Kansas City house. 

I have to mention two things... 

  1.  We downsized homes from a 260k in Springfield to a 200k in Kansas city

  2.  We didn't spend a dime of the profit on material things, not a new car, no fancy clothes, nothing. 

If you were to ask me how a young couple in the middle class can get ahead, its this mindset right here. We very easily could have bought nicer cars, a bigger house, and much more. BUT we knew there was so much more out there besides things and working until were 65. We had worked 6 years of saving just for the chance to flip a house and have a rental. We couldn't make ourselves blow all that work on assets that were just going to depreciate.


Now we are both doing what we love in Kansas City. Giving church another go and gracefully stumbling through life. 


Rebecca is a Real estate coach for the Edie Waters Real Estate Team

And I am in Business to Business Sales for American Digital Security. 

Kids have the best neighborhood friends in the world and their parents' aren't so bad either ;)

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In our free time, Becca and I make content to help couples get ahead with money. 99% of our content is free and offers a great step by step actions of how, where, and when to make these money moves. Anything from how to budget to how to make more money and much more.


Some articles and links are below.

We didn't have anyone pointing us in the right financial direction, I had no business coach. We just failed a lot and then tried again and again until we figured it out. P.S. we still are figuring a lot of things out, but we would love for you to come to learn alongside us. 

Our biggest strengths to help you are the following:

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The Greens