Side Hustle Your Way To 6 Figures on Fiverr

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Tyler Green |Publish date: September 17, 2020

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Alex Makes 6 figures a year from her laptop on Fiverr

Heres the deal all of us could use a little extra income.


What most of us don't realize is we could do it from our laptop with sweats and hoodie on.

What if you could make an extra $500 per month...or even more?

When I chatted with Alex about her journey I wanted to scream it from the rooftops! Yes, Alex is talented but so are you!  You can do this!

Side Hustle Your Way To 6 Figures

That's exactly what Alex did.


She created a Fiverr account and got to work. In 3 short years, she cashes in serious money. Now I think it's only fair we back up and explain a couple of things.


Before we get into exactly how...Let's get into what Fiverr is.

If I could only give one piece of advice for how to make more money. My answer would be Fiverr every time.

Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 12.04.49

Fiverr is a platform for freelancers and entrepreneurs to connect. The entrepreneurs can outsource things they need to be done that would normally need an entire staff.


I personally have used fivers for audio clips, logos, video promos and I'm sure some other things. So if you are starting a side hustle, this is the place to go. You can find amazing work in exchange for very little money. Here is a promo video I got done on Fiverr for only $25. I feel like I got my money's worth but Ill let you judge for yourself.


On the flip side its an even better place for entrepreneurs to start their side gig. As you will see from this interview in just three short years she has a six-figure++ gig. The best part about it?


All she needs is a laptop and wifi connection.


Fiverr brings her the traffic...but her profile, reviews, and her reputation close the deal.

  1. Graphics and Design

    1. Logos​

    2. Social Media

    3. Flyers Etc.

  2. Digital Marketing

    1. SEO​

    2. Public Relations

    3. Email Marketing

  3. Writing and Translation

    1. Blog Writing

    2. Sales Copy

    3. Product Descriptions

  4. Video & Animation

    1. Video Editing​

    2. intro and outros

    3. Visual effects

  5. There is much more see for yourself

Alex writes her way to six figures with

If you don't listen closely to the interview you can easily miss it. So let me break it down for you step by step.


The first thing Alex did was genius, she found the best accounts in her niche and made her profile look just as good if not better than theirs. This means high-quality photos, a well-written bio, a nice picture, and so on.


Think of this portion as your storefront, do you want to be the dirty gas station storefront or do you want to be LOUIS VUITTON.


Next, she priced accordingly. Think about this, she is doing the same exact work as she was five years ago and when she started she only charged $15. Now it's upwards of $300 for one blog post! She knew in order to gain traction she was going to have charge way under market value, but now she is able to charge a premium that most writers dream of.


Pricing is always something people struggle with. Instead of going on a rant on this topic, I will say just say this. When you are getting started, it's better to have 100% of a small sale than 0% of a large sale.


Try not to think of it as giving it away for to cheap but instead utilize the low pricing to leverage reviews, backlinks, connections, and anything else you can think of. Remember, you can always raise the price when the time is right.

PRO TIP:  Make sure you start an LLC and talk to an accountant to make sure you are above abord and making best use of tax strategies. 



If you have listened to any of our episodes on side hustles and growing a brand, you have heard me say this before. YOU NEED REVIEWS.


Alex said this was her number one goal and key to success. I was so glad she drove this point home so I wasn't the only one saying it.


Reviews were her golden ticket to six figures. Yes, she is a good writer, yes she works hard but to be honest I bet there are a lot of good hardworking writers in the world not making six figures.

While we are on the topic I would love a 5-star review for our podcast .....JUST CLICK HERE

Yes, I'll say it one more time. In order to grow your side hustles, you need reviews!


Fiverr is 100% free to browse around at all the options and it's even free to open up a seller account!


In my personal opinion, I believe Fiverr is the best place to start a side hustle. It checks all the boxes for me.


1. Its low risk, aka free.

2. It brings traffic to you- This is the toughest part of scaling and side hustle

3. You can literally build a business from a laptop and wifi.


I also think it's safe to say Alex would agree with me. She is approaching 1 million in gross sales right now!


Check out our podcast interview on your favorite app or see the audio player below and don't forget to leave us a five-star review if we have helped you in any way.

Don't Forget Fiverr is a great place to outsource tasks that either you hate doing or that you just aren't good at. 

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