Is One Teachers Salary Enough?

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

We discuss one teacher's journey of how he quit teaching and now live off one teacher's salary with a family of 3

The Podcast Episode Last week was a great story of a guy who had a dream, built a business, and sold it to Microsoft for 5 million dollars. He then invested wisely and hasn't worked a day since. But today is not about him...Today is about how a teacher can do it too.

You see... I share that story of Jeremy first because we all think financial freedom is for those that make it big, those that sell the company, those that inherit, and those that get lucky.


Contrary to popular belief there is a small window frame where the scrappy ones make it, they are disciplined, they are relentless, they fail more times than they succeed, they are humble, they learn from their mistakes, and most importantly they NEVER GIVE UP.

And tomorrow's episode is about a young couple who is exactly the things above.

They are two teachers in the midwest... No 5 million dollar sale, no large inheritance, and have a newborn in the home.

But even with all that 2020 was Davids last year as a teacher. 3 years ago he had a dream of helping people (teachers in specific) with their personal finances. He knew there was no way he could do both at the same time so he and the wife had a conversation of what it would need to look like to live off one teacher's salary so he could pursue his dreams.

The Next 3 years were spent learning how to invest... and sharpen their money skills. Exactly 3 years later he was able to walk away from teaching to pursue his dream with no promised income insight.


Because this is what Money gives you. It gives you power, freedom, and choice. When you stop thinking about WHAT money can get you and instead think of where it can take you... the motivation will change forever.

This Story...unfortunately gives you NO EXCUSES. Jeremy's story allows you to justify him not working. Davids Story is a true middle-class story that is not easily obtained.

I hope you listen to the episode and his story inspires you to take control of your finances and give yourself the freedom and power you deserve.


P.S. We work way to hard in life just to spend it all on shitty things made in china.

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