Questions we have about investing in a Real Estate Vacation Home/Air BnB. Expert Advice with Beau

Here is one of many Beau has sold

Beau Blankenship is a young and very successful real estate advisor in Florida. His team helps people get started in VRBO's/Air B&B/Vacation Rentals and second homes. Beau also is a great resource for those who have already found success in vacation rentals and is part of Millions of dollars in transactions each month. His team specializes in running profit and loss statements for second home real estate investments so that when his clients purchase a second home they are confident in the numbers the vacation rental will produce. This episode is special because it's a phone call between Tyler and Beau. We're bringing you along our Real Estate Investing journey as we discuss real questions we have regarding purchasing a property as an investment home to use as a VRBO/Air B&B.

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