These are the best shoes for under $50

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

I have a love/hate relationship with shoes... I love them ...but I hate how much they cost just for me to run them into the ground in 6 months. Up until about 6 months ago I always had purchased the Nike Metcons or Reebok nanos. Those are the two crossfit shoes for those of you that have not drank the kool-aid of crossfit before.

I was definitely in the best shape of my life doing crossfit but all good things must come to in an end. With that being said , back to shoes. I like shoes, everybody likes shoes. Everyone wants nice shoes...BUT... is it possible to have cheap pair of workout shoes that are cool, comfy, and last?

I thought this was important to write and share because so many people think that name brand is the only option... that everything else sucks... and it just is what it is. But this is one of the biggest ways i save money. I own almost no name brand clothes! So as I find new products that are knocks (that are legit) I will continue to share them!

And as for shoes....

I think I finally found a pair!

Now dont get me wrong , the shoes above are not the sexiest shoe in the world. They are comfy and they have lasted me six months with no rips or tears. And as you can tell from the picture above, I have not been easy on them to say the least.

I like these shoes because they are ONLY $34.99 on amazon.


That means I could do 3 different colors for the same price as one Nike Metcon ( and thats if i buy the last years version).

They are subtle, so although they may not get you tons of compliments they also just kind of go unnoticed.

So for me... If I can fly under the radar at $34.99 for comfy workout shoes... I will gladly take it.

Here is the link for anyone interested to check out all their colors and sizes.

Check out all the colors here:

Click here to go to amazon

Dont worry ladies I did not forget about you! Check these out for the ladies!

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