Two Things You Dont Have For Your Dorm That Are A MUST!

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Getting ready to head to college? Overwhelmed by all the options for your dorm and not sure what to purchase? Look no further - I’m here to give you my favorite tips and show you the best & most cost effective items to maximize space in your new room.

Let’s face it - dorm rooms are known to be pretty small and standard. So what can you do to make your new room feel larger and more personalized? SO. MANY. THINGS! I’m going to tell you about the best space-saving solutions, as well as little tricks to make the room your own without spending much money at all.


The first problem that every dorm seems to have? Outlets! There are never enough and they always seem to be in the worst places. Luckily, I stumbled upon an awesome solution - a surge protected power strip that converts your single wall outlet into a charging station for 5+ devices! At $24.99 this is a steal, For me this is one of the most helpful things you can purchase for your dorm room. Believe me, you will definitely thank me for this advice as you charge all your devices at once, while still having outlets leftover. Clickable Picture below

The next issue I found was that I always needed more storage! To fix this problem, I looked at basically every storage container I could find, comparing them all to determine my favorite. After much debate, I ended up choosing the best storage solution from Target - the Room Essentials cube organizer and storage bins - all for under $50!

The organizer itself comes in a couple colors so you can match it with the furniture in the rest of your room, and then you can pick out storage bins in your favorite colors and patterns! (I went with navy and gray to match my bedding). This Room Essentials cube organizer was extremely easy to put together, has held up beautifully as I moved every year, and looks cute anywhere in my room!

It is small enough that it fits under a lofted bed, making it the perfect place to store extra clothes, snacks, and any other miscellaneous items. It’s also a piece that looks super cute standing alone, and now I have it against a wall and put picture frames on top to add decoration. 4 years later I am STILL using this same organizer - talk about a bang for your buck! If you aren't close to a target there is an under-bed option from Amazon as well below.

Pictures are clickable to shop

A Second Option if you dont have room for a bigger piece like this you can always utilize under the bed storage. Its not as pretty but it gets the job done and you will never see it anyway. Click the picture to shop.

Now, let’s talk about making the room your own. My favorite way to personalize my room? Photos!! Every year, I scroll through my camera roll and find around 50 photos I want to hang around my room. Then, I use the CVS or Walgreens app to upload them and print them to a nearby store (conveniently located right in every college town). Usually the photo prints are ready within 24 hours, and cost under $10 every time! Nothing says home like pictures of you with friends and family, making this the perfect decoration to begin with as you move into your new college home.

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Jordan Kelly

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