Why a 30 Year Old Man is Taking Pinterest Academy and why you should TOO!

About 5 months ago I had this crazy idea of starting a Podcast around all things Money. Although there are hundreds, if not thousand of topics, avenues, and debates one could sort through I could not get over the the importance of this topic.

Whats that topic you might ask?


Here is WHY.... One of the biggest questions we get asked all the time is how to make more money. Its a valid question, its a question that I believe every entrepreneur asks themselves daily. Its a question the small Etsy shop owner asks herself all the way up to the 7 figure amazon seller. If I could sum up the answer in one word the answer would be TRAFFIC. I have spent the past couple months digging into marketing, ad copy, social media, paid advertising, affiliate marketing and everything in between. All those topics will be covered in depth in the near future...BUT... for now lets get back to traffic and how I ended up taking pinterest academy.

In my research I have come to the conclusion that no matter what you are selling ( good product or bad) you must be able to bring traffic to that product. This could be physical foot traffic or this could be web traffic. So with that in mind I thought learning the social media platforms would be a great start. I know there are plenty more, but I found four free resources that are a great place to start for a 30 year old who is out of touch with how each social media platform works.

Make sure you check all these out:

  • Pinterest Academy

  • Twitter Flight School

  • Facebook Blueprint

  • Google Ads Certification

These are all free courses hosted by the actual provider of the platform. I never knew these even existed until a couple weeks and I am so excited to dive into all of them.

For some reason I thought Pinterest would be a great place to start (idk why) and Im half way through the academy already. Im starting to understand how and why Pinterest operates the way it does. Its a great easy course that is broken down into sections and to be honest its exciting to learn all this new stuff. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to make more money in their side hustle or business to take these courses, study these platforms in exchange for driving more potential customers to your business.

One of the quotes from the Academy that has already stuck with me is the one you saw in the picture ...


That quote has stuck with me because its so true. No one wants to be interrupted on social media


When we INSPIRE we give hope, we encourage, we motivate, we give life and that is contagious.


p.s. -- Back to trying to figure out how to inspire and not interrupt

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